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How long have you been Upcycling/Refashioning/Recreating Clothing from thrifted textiles?  
8 years.

How long have you been sewing?
50 years on and off. Since intermediate, less when my children were growing up and now all the time.


How and why did you get started in Upcycling/Refashioning?
I started upcycling and refashioning costumes for photography. This overtook my passion for photography.


Why do you Upcycle/Refashion/Recreate clothing from thrifted textiles?
My love of fashion and textiles gives me the passion to recreate unique pieces.

What type of clothing do you like to create and why?
Everyday wear, Turning formal jackets into funky fashion that can be worn everyday, whether to weddings or just out with friends.

What is your favorite textile to Upcycle/Refashion/Recreate from? and why?
Denim, It is compatible with all textiles and love the versatility it gives me to go a little crazy with styles.

What was your favorite project?
Denim and Formal jackets, every one tells its own story and what it needs to stand out.




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Shirley Gillespie, 61-- Taruanga, New Zealand

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