Gorgeous Silver Threaded Medieval Gown. Silver motifs on off-white chiffon overlay and beige/cream colored satin slip base.


Perfect costume for Medieval or Renaissance Faire or Cosplay events.


Great theater piece for 'Into The Woods', Disney 'Brave", Shrek Jr. Romeo & Juliet or Hamlet--or any Shakespeare play!






Silver Medieval Dress

  • Measurements of the garment are provided for you to make sure the Vintage piece is right for your purchase. A standard metric measuring tape is used, and you can easily print one off the internet or purchase one very affordably.

    Unfortunately, NO REFUNDS can be provided, as 'costumes' sometimes are needed for just one event. I encourage you to re-sell your garment after you are finished using it! You might be able to make a profit!
    Prices are non-negotiable.  All fabric blemishes including minor holes, or light staining, colored spots are fully disclosed.   Adjustments due to blemishes are made prior to listing. Please note, it is common for Vintage items to be 'not perfect'. However, all garments sold on this website are wearable with little to no notice to the blemish.


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    Continental USA ONLY!

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