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Upcycle & Refashion: Zara Tafetta Blue Plaid Midi Dress

Another "New" Website For Me

I finally did it! I started another website for myself dedicated to:

Upcycling, Refashioning, Altering and Styling

thrifted Fuddy-Duddies into modern, wearable style!

For a while now, I have been posting all my fashion creations on my costume rental business's website

Because of Covid, my local business came to a grinding halt, leading to, of course, disappointment because things were starting to finally take off for me.

In the beginning of Quarantine, I pulled weeds in my backyard for 3 weeks. What resulted from a somewhat meditative and repetitive work, was a ton of introspection and a bad shoulder injury with sleep-interfering carpal tunnel syndrome.

I put down the shovel, knee pads, and sun hat, and with new resolve to pursue what I have always wanted to do,

Me, the Dirty Garden Hoe, in my w