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Upcycle Puffy Sleeve Blouse...My Enochlophobia

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Blog Contents:

  1. Blogging--A Job for Me?

  2. Pure Grit Boot-Camp

  3. Stressful Delight

  4. My Website Analytics

  5. A New Layer of Work

  6. Time To Bare My Soul: Enochlophobia

  7. Time For 'Make Believe': Napa BottleRock Music Festival

  8. 1980's Scott McClintock Upcycle


Blogging--A Job for Me?

Blogging is picking up for me. And what does this mean exactly?

Well, I went from blogging once every 2-3 months to blogging once a month, and now, I am blogging minimally 2 times a month. Going into July, I need to create 2 separate blog posts for 2 different collaborative styling projects, due at exactly the same time. In addition, I will need to write an addendum blog post about my very first clutch purse that will go with one of the collaborative posts. (Just talking out loud make sense to myself.)

By the time you are reading this, none of this particular scenario will be in real time, but a similar more layered story line will take it's place...and will continue as I proceed down this blogging route.