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Betsy Johnson Meets Dior

I had an eccentric aunt, and she passed away from an aggressive brain tumor which after diagnosis took her life in about 3 months in early 2020. Most likely she had the tumor for longer than that, but she never went to the doctor.

She was a free spirit and gave of the vibe of invincibility. Probably, within her character, she would have been grateful to have only suffered three months as she loved to dress-up in some fashion that would not be expected for someone her age, but definitely within elegance, and maybe best described as artistic, whimsy.

I think Betsy Johnson meets Dior--you see? It's hard to describe her style. Campy meets classic.

In her last years in her 70's, she reminded me of a Norma Kamali, who was famous for inventing the silk parachute skirt which adjusted on the pull of draw strings on the side. In fact Auntie Galina had these skirts and wore her hair in one of the many Coco Chanel bobbed ways--and always with bangs.

Auntie Galina was doused in Chanel perfume and her scent would linger on you for days--until you washed the clothes she smothered when hugging you so tightly.

Auntie Galina lent me her jewelry for my Halloween costume when I was 4 years old! The dress upcycled by my mother from old curtains. Circa 1975

Auntie Galina

Aunt Galina was an immigrant from Poland, like my parents. And technically, she was not blood related, but she was in my life from day one. You see, my childhood was a library of borrowed aunts and uncles and cousins, who in similar situations, left Communist Poland for a better life here in the United States, and in our case, we landed up in San Francisco.

Aunt Galina in the cutest outfit I'd wear now!

All my blood relatives, were still in Poland. And although we visited them, sparsely because we did not have the financial means when I was younger, I was not close to any of them until way later when I moved to Poland for 2 years of University to study in Cracow, Poland.

Auntie Gaga (a endearing, nickname my brother and I gave her) came into my life with Uncle Richard, her husband at the time. My parents best friends.

Auntie Galina and My Mum

AG and UR were florists, and very much artists--AG with her flare for fashion and floral styling and UR with his Surrealism oil paintings. They never had children because losing one of their firsts was just too painful to revisit. As a result, they were able to pour their time into amazing Worldly travels with a particular penchant for Italy.

My Uncle RIchard--the Surrealism Oil Painter

Auntie Galina (yep! that's her on both paintings) was his muse

Eccentric Behavior

We don't know why but as Auntie Galina aged, she became quirkier, and quirkier. She was a personality meteor shower of ADHD (I have it too!), frenzied speech, a little Manic--but always cheerful! and the avatar image of dictionaries for narcissism and ostentation.

To us, she was a Braggadocio in a completely innocent way, if that makes any sense.

A complete extrovert, her over-zealouness, showy personality was very off-putting to many. As a result, it was hard for her to make new, long term friends because she was exhausting to be around.

Auntie Gaga in her older years! I loved her theatrical use of clothes!

You might be wondering, how the heck did we put up with her for all those years? Well, in one simple answer, she was GREAT!

Yes, she was GREAT! We loved her! Albeit in measured doses. We could appreciate her zaniness. She was so interesting as well, having traveled the world and met so many characters.

I miss her. My family misses her. My mother misses her best friend.

My Mom and Her Best Friend--the 1980's Disco Era