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Upcycle Balloon Sleeve Dress From A Roll of 1987 Drapery Fabric


After recovering from my daughter's high school graduation party, on May 23rd, where sushi platters covered every available inch of 'counter real estate' inside the house, and the constant supply of fresh pizzas coming out of our pizza oven in the backyard, and the free flowing mojitos, mambo taxi, aperol spritzes on tap, and the music reverberating off the exterior walls of our house, and dancing non-stop...

Our 2020 summer of celebrations

just begins!

Next we wish off our 18 year old to a 6 week language program in Cracow, Poland as we begin to usher in the plans for my husband's 50th birthday June 9th.

Welcoming in droves of people from all layers of his past-- from childhood and high school, to fraternity days, early employments, all the way to his current companies where Bill, the husband has a dedicated following, we gluttonize by bring in Chando'sChando's taco truck and eating tons of cheesecake (my husband's favorite cake).