Thrift Clothes Alterations Round-Up


This Blog Post will be like a run-on sentence.

Updating Frequently, but never quite ending.

If you see "Alterations Round-Up" at the top, you will know I have adding something new!


Simple Alterations

Not everything I wear requires massive Upcycling or somewhat easier Refashioning.

However, rarely do the thrifted items I buy fit me off the rack.

Thankfully, most items just require minor alterations like a simple tuck on the sides, shoulder strap adjustment, or a simple a simple skirt and leg hem.

This post is simply a round-up of those note-worthy alterations that made a huge difference in the final look!



Under-Arm Alteration/Dress

Thrift Styled with:

  • a chocolate dark brown woven belt

  • 1940's Retyro, ankle strap, wedge sandals from Target 10+ years ago

  • dark brown filigree drop earrings.

...Until the Next StyleMyThrift Alteration!