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Refashioned Thrifted Sleeveless Dress Into Puffy Sleeved Blouse

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Prologue: my photography is awful...I have so much to learn...blurry photos are no fun : (

...keep reading and scrolling, you'll see what I mean...but that's what I am doing with CoronaVirus Shut-In: learning...learning a little photography, how to improve SEO, how to make nicer looking Pins for Pinterest...I'm 48 years old and proud of it--you can still teach yourself anything--go for it!


Corona-Virus & Grinding Halt of Costume Take-Out

I haven't written in a long time...a long time...

My last blog post was 2 months ago on February 10th 2020.

It's not that I haven't written blog posts, au contraire I have 4 sitting in the publishing hopper. I just feel a little guilty about posting about trivialities when people are dying of Covid-19.

But now I am coming back to writing and postings because this is my business. It's what I do and I should not feel apologetic. Took me a while to come to this conclusion.

Some people sell pizza, some people sell shampoo, some cars, some high tech, some sell services like estheticians, or dry cleaning...

...I sell costume rentals and it's as legit as any business

My local costume rental business "Costume Take-Out" came to a grinding