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Freakin' HOT Summers

No Freckled Chest Skin For Me

San Francisco--Its Own State?

Moving To Sacramento

Pool Toys

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Freakin' HOT Summers

I live in a part of the world that is freakin' hot in the Summer. And this was by my choice, having grown up in a city, San Francisco where the average temperatures are between high 50sF to low-70F.

On rare days, If we were lucky, it might spill over 70F into the 80s and nothing is better than a day like that in San Francisco. My husband and I got very lucky on September 23rd back in 2000--the sunniest, warmest day for our wedding.

Here's a kicker, San Francisco can be at its coldest in the Summer! Yep, you heard me right. Because San Francisco is a peninsula and surrounded by 3 bodies of water, it brings cool air from the Pacific Ocean which collides with hot air from the East Bay--and wham, bam you got cold fog.

Photo Below: You can see the fog coming in from the Pacific Ocean side and the Sun just North of San Francisco on the other side of the bridge...guess which side I lived on??

photo source: Unsplash / photographer:

No 'Freckled Chest' Skin For Me

Add the fact that within the city, there are even more sub-divisions of micro-climates.

Where I lived, 7 blocks from Ocean Beach, fog was 90% of the year. I was miserable as a kid and a young adult. Fog day in and day out lends itself to seasonal depression for sure. I can only glean one benefit from those years, my skin is in pretty decent condition for my age, for example, I don't have freckled chest skin common for women of my age.

Besides seasonal depression, throw in some vanity issues like constant hair frizz. I would call myself a 'hot mess' back then, but again, the word 'hot' is a misnomer here given the weather : )

Also, seasons didn't "Turn-Turn" in San Francisco. For 90% of the year, it was one monochromatic day-- a la 'Ground Hog's' day.

Us, natives would always get a good chuckle on to see tourists in their tank tops and shorts doing their 'Keeping Warm' dance while purchasing over-priced souvenir sweatshirts they were not planning on buying and hunched over their bread bowls full of hot clam chowder.

photo source: Unsplash / photographer: @iago-godoy

San Francisco--Its Own State?

San Francisco is NOT Southern California and NOT Northern California either...probably should have been it's OWN state. And this is not a political statement--oy! that would open a Pandora's box-- I'm just talking about the superficial stuff...keeping it light over here at StyleMyThrift!

You won't see beautiful beaches in marketing pieces for San Francisco--beach culture does not exist there.

I craved heat. I dreamed about sun. I daydreamed about all the cute outfits I could wear if I just did not live in San Francisco. And my time came to leave San Francisco.

Nothing cues a move like getting married and realizing you can't afford to buy any house, or even a condominium in the city you grew up in.

Moving To Sacramento

Twenty two years ago, my husband (fiancee at that time) came up to Sacramento on a fluke--a friend was celebrating his 30th birthday. Two weeks later, we bought an affordable house for as a young couple--fawns in their newly careers. We were lucky, both in sales, so we could live anywhere.

In Sacramanto, homes--houses, apartments, condominiums, etc.-- come with a pool for the most part. Our first house did not have a pool. Living in the that first house was short lived (no pun intended) because we added a dog and then a baby, and then.....and then we needed a new house.

With our growing family, we would be dumb not to get a house with the pool the next times around.

By the time we settled down with 2 kiddos we were living in our new house, we were in that pool all summer long!

photo source: Unsplash / photographer: WK

Pool Toys

When you think pool, water, fun-in-the-sun, summer time, and little kids, don't you think, POOL TOYS?!

At first it seems fun! It starts with a pool ball, then some inner tubes--but not just any inner tubes--ones that look like donuts!

my two daughters and the beloved sprinkle donut float

Then Daddy spoils them rotten and buys them kitschy 'lay-down' pool floats in the shape of pizza (insert eye roll).

nobody laid on the pizza float--ever!