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Refashion 'Ugly' Christmas Sweater into a Cute 'Ugly' Christmas Sweater

California Issued Stay At Home Orders

The thrift stores in my area are still open. Management monitors the number of people in the stores, so it's never crowded. And lots of people staying home.

I don't leave my house unless it's for a thrifting foray or grocery shopping. I am limiting my exposure overall, but still at risk right? I wear 2 masks, and refuse to get my hands anywhere near my face. And douse my hands in sanitizer all the time...when I get into the store, to apply to the shopping cart, before I open my purse, and after I pay, before I put my hands on the steering wheel.

Technically, I am at some medical risk just based on my age. But overall I am healthy--no breathing issues, no allergies, no high blood pressure, and no cholesterol...and not overweight per the health standards--but I did put on 10 lbs. during these past 10 months and want to lose the 'vanity weight'.

Based on my medical chart (now you know it!), I feel comfortable rolling the dice and do my best at great hygiene and try to avoid getting Covid. And if I did, crossing my fingers that my body can handle it. But we don't really know? Do we?