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Side-Boob or No Side-Boobe

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The Sexy Club

Mini-skirts, bikinis, strapless dresses, shorty short-shorts, lingerie as outer-wear, yoga pants, body-con tops and dresses, cleavage, 5 inch heels, crop tops..... h o t diggity d a n g!

What does this sound like?

Maybe that the 20-somethings are coming to town? and my teen daughters trailing right behind?

Or maybe it's the 30 year olds drawing near?

A handful of 40 year olds?

But ladies in their 50s and older?


do they belong in the "Sexy" club?

Well, I can't speak to the 50+ year and olders....not just yet. I am turning 49 in just one week. By the time you read this, I will have already had my birthday.

What will I be wearing for my small family b-day party? maybe shorty-short-shorts, crop top with peek-a-boo lingerie and high heeled platform sandals---because it is summer time after all....right?


Why are you hitting those brakes and burning rubber into a complete dramatic stop? Maybe because you saw me, a scantily clad 49 year old, crossing the street?

just trying to keep it real with my readers--this is me pre-Covid 12 lbs lighter in a husband snapped this surprise photo, hence not really Instagram worthy...

this is more me...under a hat, under a canopy, reading a book "The History of Bees"

--not being sexy...I don't walk around like the photo above!

My Sexiness During 20's, 30's, 40's

Ok, I'll come clean...

I don't think I have ever dressed really sexy. I never have. I didn't do it in my early 20s--maybe because I lived my hey-day during a linear, minimally designed, somewhat grungey 90's, a-washed with floral or plaids--just conservative to today's styles.

I love clothing, but don't understand why my teen daughter's hem-lines are right at the, well, how does one say and not be vulgar, the euphemistic hoo-haa?

Oh don't get me wrong! I wore the following:

  • short skirts

  • high-heels

  • cleavage (even when I didn't have much)

  • bikinis

  • strapless dresses

  • shorty short-shorts

  • lingerie as outer-wear

  • yoga pants

  • body-con tops and dresses

The only thing I really didn't partake in was crop-tops and 5 inch heels (but only because I am 5' 4" and there's a point of diminishing returns, because of physics).

Hypocrite--Talking Out of Both Sides of My Mouth

I am a hyprocrite, right? I can get my story right eh?

So what is it? Did I dress sexy or not?

Yes I wore all those items above, but only one item at a time, and everything else was muted.

  • short-skirt with bulky sweater and cable knit tights

  • high-heels with baggy jeans

  • cleavage not on purpose, but incidental

  • bikinis--only on vacation

  • strapless dress with long hemline

  • shorty-short-shorts, that covered my hungry buns

  • lingerie as a tank top under a light summer blazer with palazzo pants

  • yoga pants with a top that covers my bum

  • anything body-con, with longer, looser fitting accoutrements

But wait one second...even if I wanted to wear all those sexy pieces together? Why couldn't I? And who the heck told me I am not able to?

My question is who has determined the rules? societal? self-imposed? collective conscious? bloggers? magazine editors? my mother? or maybe my grandmother? or my teen daughters?

Is sexy determined by us women on women? Or is it by men?

My Silly Self

Wow, as I am writing this, I never thought this topic could be so complex to talk about.

I don't feel like I can cover all the nuances of this topic as a feature writer does for New York Times, Vogue, Rolling Stones or Newsweek Magazines---oh I forgot National Geographic! LOL!

With all the layers (no pun intended!) that is sexiness, I am going to simplify my angle here. And please note, this is not a judgement of others, just my own personal opinion about my silly self.


As I am approaching my 50th (next year), thoughts about wearing 'age-appropriate' clothes have started to simmer in my mind.

Thankfully, I live in a blog-world microcosm of women my age, and I see them questioning the same ideas. It's summer time, so the common one is:

"shorts? or not to shorts or too short?"

Or hearing women my age say "Thankful bermuda shorts are in again!"

I questioned if I should even put shorts on this year! I really felt a pang of 'maybe I am too old".

I was asking myself because I was just about to post pictures of my Puffy Sleeve Upcycle and was nervous because, maybe the shorts were too short after all?

(Click on the photos to take you to this Upcycle Project!)