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Refashion Old Navy Romper & Upcycle 90's Dress...Side-Boob


My Views On What Is Sexy

Challenges of Being Older and Being Sexy

Introduction of The Thrifted Old Navy Romper and The 1990's Red Linen Sheath Dress

Refashion of Romper

Upcycle of Dress

Side-Boob or No Side-Boobe

Pictures of Finished Result!

Scenes From Next Upcycle

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The Sexy Club

Mini-skirts, bikinis, strapless dresses, shorty short-shorts, lingerie as outer-wear, yoga pants, body-con tops and dresses, cleavage, 5 inch heels, crop tops..... h o t diggity d a n g!

What does this sound like?

Maybe that the 20-somethings are coming to town? and my teen daughters trailing right behind?