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Updated: Aug 16, 2020



Summer Almost Over

Hot Until October 31st?

Adjusting to Seasons As A Fashion Blogger

Getting in Those Bright Color Upcycles & Refashions

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Summer Almost Over

According to retailers, Summer is almost over!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is being promoted on every fashionista's/style influencer's blog, Pinterest has started pushing the Fall Fashion 'new ideas' I might like, Halloween Stores start popping up, Starbucks announces its selling Pumpkin Spice flavor earlier this year--August 25th!!, my local, charming Apple Hill area (Placerville, California) is promoting apple picking, and Summer clothes are on drastic-markdown.

And receiving my magazines with pumpkins on the cover can't help me to start thinking of the Fall/Autumn we don't really experience here in Sacramento, CA.

Hot Until October 31st?

Yeah, we really don't experience a true Fall/Autumn seasons here. Yes, we lose our leaves. The air changes. Positions of sunrise and sunset change. But aside from this or the retailer cues, there's no break from our high temperatures until usually November.

me, in the late afternoon, 5:30pm

Temperatures in the 100s F/ 37.8 C + will persist definitely through August. We might experience a reprieve of high 90s F/ 35 C+ for September. But our break in temperature won't start low 90's until October. Then in November. we start experiencing the plummet into the 80's leaving to feel like we live in the tundra after having been acclimatized to the Sahara.

Adjusting to Seasons As A Fashion Blogger

I am part of a large sphere of women fashion/style bloggers who live in all parts of the world. In the summer I read about my England ladies wearing a warm sweater and shorts and sandals, while my South African friends wear their winter best, and the Florida friend who regardless of Summer or Winter is always struggling to keep her hair from frizzing from the humidity and her styles fresh because there exists only one season in Florida--sunshine.

And the friend who lives in San Francisco who ephemerally lives in jeans, t-shirt and a blazer of some sort.

And I feel sorry for the ladies who live in the severe winter of the Midwest--because it's hard to see their outfits under extra long puffer jackets and snow boots.

Maybe the Western European and East Coast USA-ers might have it best (FASHION WISE) because they experience 4 seasons evenly.

my mother, Fall/Autumn in September Poland where she resides seasonally

Sacramento--this is me-- experiences high summer heat temperatures for a long time, brief Fall temperatures--2 months?, a mild, mild winter which won't get colder that 32F/0C in the morning/evening for more than 1-2 hours, a 3 month Spring and then we launch right into that heat.

Bill and I are technically in Roseville, CA which is 20 minutes (without traffic) North West of Sacramento, one hour away from the Sierra Mountain/Lake Tahoe, 1.5 hours from Napa Valley (the wine!!), and 2.5 hours from San Francisco, and 3 hours from the first recreational beaches a.k.a laying in the sun.

Crazy thing is, that each of these places--the mountains, the wine country, the City, and the beach are all VERY different seasonally and temperature wise.

Getting in Those Bright Color Upcycles & Refashions

So where does this leave me?

One way I have been able to enjoy the Fall/Autumn, but keeping myself cool and comfortable, is by adjusting the prints and colors of what I wear.

Yes, you will continue to see me in shorts (although this year it's been predominantly dresses) or a skirt, but the colors won't be the colored of inflatable pool toys.

It's a bummer though because I have about 3 more Upcycles and Refashions to do that are either tropical, neon, or bursting with another sprinkled donut/Funfetti color.

But maybe it won't really matter though.

Let's think about this.

Upcycles, Refashions, and DIYs are actually non-colored. What does this mean?

What is being done when Upcycling, Refashioning, and DIY-ing, is changing the silhouette of the 'Before' textile.

Upcycling one changes the end function. Refashioning is keeping the same function but changing the style. And DIY might include a little of both and throw on some decorative elements.

(Click below to take you to the post where I explore these differences.)