Refashioned Neon Jeans & Upcycled Puffy Sleeved Cobalt Blue Blouse

Updated: Aug 17, 2020



Summer Almost Over

Hot Until October 31st?

Adjusting to Seasons As A Fashion Blogger

Getting in Those Bright Color Upcycles & Refashions

Do Your Teeth Hurt Yet?

The Next Blog Post--Another Color Splash (#2)

My 3rd Bright Colored Upcycle--Granny Squares

Now For This NEON Post! (#1)

The Before-s

Final Look!

Next Refashion



Summer Almost Over

According to retailers, Summer is almost over!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is being promoted on every fashionista's/style influencer's blog, Pinterest has started pushing the Fall Fashion 'new ideas' I might like, Halloween Stores start popping up, Starbucks announces its selling Pumpkin Spice flavor earlier this year--August 25th!!, my local, charming Apple Hill area (Placerville, California) is promoting apple picking, and Summer clothes are on drastic-markdown.

And receiving my magazines with pumpkins on the cover can't help me to start thinking of the Fall/Autumn we don't really experience here in Sacramento, CA.

Hot Until October 31st?

Yeah, we really don't experience a true Fall/Autumn seasons here. Yes, we lose our leaves. The air changes. Positions of sunrise and sunset change. But aside from this or the retailer cues, there's no break from our high temperatures until usually November.

me, in the late afternoon, 5:30pm

Temperatures in the 100s F/ 37.8 C + will persist definitely through August. We might experience a reprieve of high 90s F/ 35 C+ for September. But our break in temperature won't start low 90's until October. Then in November. we start experiencing the plummet into the 80's leaving to feel like we live in the tundra after having been acclimatized to the Sahara.

Adjusting to Seasons As A Fashion Blogger

I am part of a large sphere of women fashion/style bloggers who live in all parts of the world. In the summer I read about my England ladies wearing a warm sweater and shorts and sandals, while my South African friends wear their winter best, and the Florida friend who regardless of Summer or Winter is always struggling to keep her hair from frizzing from the humidity and her styles fresh because there exists only one season in Florida--sunshine.

And the friend who lives in San Francisco who ephemerally lives in jeans, t-shirt and a blazer of some sort.

And I feel sorry for the ladies who live in the severe winter of the Midwest--because it's hard to see their outfits under extra long puffer jackets and snow boots.

Maybe the Western European and East Coast USA-ers might have it best (FASHION WISE) because they experience 4 seasons evenly.

my mother, Fall/Autumn in September Poland where she resides seasonally

Sacramento--this is me-- experiences high summer heat temperatures for a long time, brief Fall temperatures--2 months?, a mild, mild winter which won't get colder that 32F/0C in the morning/evening for more than 1-2 hours, a 3 month Spring and then we launch right into that heat.

Bill and I are technically in Roseville, CA which is 20 minutes (without traffic) North West of Sacramento, one hour away from the Sierra Mountain/Lake Tahoe, 1.5 hours from Napa Valley (the wine!!), and 2.5 hours from San Francisco, and 3 hours from the first recreational beaches a.k.a laying in the sun.

Crazy thing is, that each of these places--the mountains, the wine country, the City, and the beach are all VERY different seasonally and temperature wise.

Getting in Those Bright Color Upcycles & Refashions

So where does this leave me?

One way I have been able to enjoy the Fall/Autumn, but keeping myself cool and comfortable, is by adjusting the prints and colors of what I wear.

Yes, you will continue to see me in shorts (although this year it's been predominantly dresses) or a skirt, but the colors won't be the colored of inflatable pool toys.

It's a bummer though because I have about 3 more Upcycles and Refashions to do that are either tropical, neon, or bursting with another sprinkled donut/Funfetti color.

But maybe it won't really matter though.

Let's think about this.

Upcycles, Refashions, and DIYs are actually non-colored. What does this mean?

What is being done when Upcycling, Refashioning, and DIY-ing, is changing the silhouette of the 'Before' textile.

Upcycling one changes the end function. Refashioning is keeping the same function but changing the style. And DIY might include a little of both and throw on some decorative elements.

(Click below to take you to the post where I explore these differences.)

So the print does not means anything in doing what I do. Prints and colors are incidental and peripheral.

For example, my last Refashion was inspired by Pool floats--I think you'll be able to see why!

Do Your Teeth Hurt Yet?

Getting back to the point that I am actually coming to as I write this--real time!--is that it won't matter what the color or print of my DIY is. In the Funfetti Birthday Party Dress I made for myself above, the silhouette is simple A-line with a Drop-Waist and ruffled skirt.

The same "After" style dress can be made from a basic tunic but in a wool/wool blend fabric! There's a ton of the 1990's tunic/long shift style dress at the thrift stores to cloth the entire population of California ; )

I promise to revisit this concept for a future post using the same exact Refashion I did for my Birthday Party Dress, but different fabric and results will be the same! Stay Tuned..........

The Next Blog Post--Another Color Splash (#2)

The 2nd colorful post that's coming up around the corner, is an end of August collaboration with a group of super cool Styling Ladies called the "Fabulous 40s".

Collaborations are super fun! One woman suggests a theme for each month, the next one being "Street Style from a Place you would like to Visit". I have chosen the Safari countries of Africa.

If you hop on the South-Bound Scrolling Train, you will see the "BEFORE-s" for this project!

This one will be my most Avant-Garde to date : )

I'll give you a hint: (where's the bright color, you ask?--you'll see!)

My 3rd Bright Colored Upcycle--Granny Squares

Before I abandon bright colors before the Fall, I have to get a Granny Square adventure in here some-where! Can I turn a thrifted crochet blanket into a cute summer top? Hello OxyMoron! Right?

I honestly don't ever completely fail. Failure for me is on a scale from mild to tragic, but always recoverable.

I can always recover in an Upcycle. Like the time the elastic in my shirred waistband unraveled and I needed to add glue to lock the elastic into place! EEEK! I won't be able to sell these pair of pants, but at least I can wear them!

Why the Doom&Gloom before I even start the Granny Squares project?

Because I have to figure out how to lock the yarn in so it won't unravel. I have a few ideas on how to accomplish this, maybe sew fabric on the edges where I want to cut first? Or how about the Aleene's jewelry glue? Heat fusion tape?

Well, I won't know until I start. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves just yet....We have this fun post to discuss first!

Now For This NEON Post! (#1)

Neon has always intrigued me. I love the magical bright glow. However, it's tricky to style. Those who know me, understand I am one quirky lady. I don't do the expected, and never have.

So pairing neons with stripes is the expected. And rightfully so! It's attractive.

I think Neons are more about the color combinations than a print combination. Get the color match right and you can pair any prints together!


I've Talked Your Ear Off By Now...

I think it's Time To:


The 'BEFORE-s'

So what you do you think of my "Before" items below?

Why did I chose this dress?

There's nothing wrong with the Dress as is! But 13 years later, the dress had it's moment, and I have other more stylish dresses I'd rather wear. (A side note: my husband did not like this dress ever!) So this dress would have been donated. But then it dawned on me to create a Pouf Sleeve Blouse! And wouldn't the Cobalt Blue style nicely with a pair of thrifted green/yellow NEON jeans?

me & mr StyleMyThrift 13 years ago in Lanai, Hawaii

Why did I chose THESE Neon Jeans?

I love NEON. I just have been hesitant because I think NEON is challenging to style. However, 'Challenge' is my middle name! I purchased these jeans because they cost me $1.75 and they were high-waist and boot-cut. I was thinking to transform them into the cropped flare look I've seen on Pinterest. I think it's a cute look!

Let's Get Started!



Refashion Boot-Cut into Crop-Flared Jeans


Waist of jeans is too big and length of boot-cut jeans too long. I will refashion these jeans into a crop-flare style.

1st Step--Remove Back Belt Loop

  • 1.1 Remove any inside tags

  • 1.2 & 1.3 Remove belt loop

  • 1.4 Save belt loop to reattach later.

2nd Step--Open Back Seam

  • Remove back seam with a ripper--down to crotch.

3rd Step--Determine How Much To Take In

  • Put Jeans on and pinch the amount that needs to be taken in and pin.

4th Step--Pin New Back Seam.

  • Fold over the top denim layer over the botton (to match the other stitching) and pin down.

5th Step--Double Stitch Back Seam

  • Match your thread color.

  • Sew your back seam in the style of the other stitching....usually back seam is double.

6th Step--Shorten Waistband & Sew Back Loop

  • 6.1 Fold waistband over the middle of the back seam, and chalk.

  • 6.2 Fold waistband in other direction and chalk.

  • 6.3 Cut waistband where length is on the left waistband.

  • 6.4 Tuck right waistband under.

  • 6.5 Sew down.

  • 6.6 Re-attach back belt loop.

7th Step--Decide Hem Length

  • Fold under where you want the pant hem to land. (me it was above the ankle to achieve the crop-flare look.)

8th Step--Hem Jeans

  • 8.1 Hot press new hem.

  • 8.2 Cut off excess leaving enough to fold under for cuff.

  • 8.3 Fold under first length and hot press.

  • 8.4 Fold under 2nd length.

  • 8.5 Hot press hem again.

  • 8.6 Sew hem down.



Upcycle Dress Into Puffy Sleeved Blouse


1st Step--Squar-Off Neckline

  • 1.1 Fold enough fabric under neckline to create square edge.

  • 1.2 Make sure each side even with measuring tape.

2nd Step--Prep Work

  • 2.1.Find appropriate color thread.

  • 2.2. Sew down front straight neckline.

  • 2.3 Cut off and serge the excess fabric.

  • 2.4 Chalk and cut new armhole to be curved not straight.

3rd Step--Remove Elastic

  • 3.1 Seam rip open elastic waistline.

  • 3.2 Remove elastic.

  • 3.2 Press down the fabric.

4th Step--Cut Dress

  • 4.1 Mark where you want new blouse hem line.

  • 4.2 Find chalk marks.

  • 4.3 Cut along chalk line.

5th Step--Determine What Kind of Pouf Sleeve

I had 2 options of sleeve pattern to work with. One was a puffy sleeve from an 80's bridesmaid's dress and the other was a 80's McCalls Pattern 8100 which I've used before successfully. I decided on the 80's bridesmaid dress because it had straight edges where I could add on to accommodate the extra space that would be required because of the challenge of the Racer-Back style. See next step.

6th Step--Re-Shape Shoulder

  • 6.1 Lay pattern over shoulder.

  • 6.2 Lay paper over shoulder and pencil outline shape.

  • 6.3 Draw vertical lines in increments.

  • 6.4 Cut out shoulder addition along lines.

  • 6.5 Space out Strips.

  • 6.6 Pin spaced out strips to edge of pattern.

  • 6.7 Check your work.

7th Step--Cut New Sleeve

  • Place new pattern shape over the excess fabric & cut.

8th Step--Make Ruffle Cuffs

  • 8.1 Get the scraps from the skirt that was cut off.

  • 8.2 Make sure strip is wide enough to fold over and long enough for edge of sleeve.

  • 8.3. Connect the cuff to the sleeve.

9th Step--Close Sleeve

  • 9.1 Pin sleeve edges together.

  • 9.2 Sew sleeves down.

10th Step--Attach Sleeve

  • 10.1 Gather top of sleeves.

  • 10.2 Invert pouf sleeve and attach to inside of bodice.

  • 10.3 Sew together.

11th Step--Add Elastic to Cuff

  • 11.1 Create opening at cuff.

  • 11.2 Insert elastic and sew in a loop.

12th Step--Cut Sash Strips

  • 12.1 Fold left over skirt pieces into strips.

  • 12.2 Press each time you fold over.

  • 12.3 Sew all strips together on the short ends to create one long strip.

13th Step--Sew Sash

  • 13.1 Sew a tube.

  • 13.2 Invert tube.

  • 13.3 Fold edges of ends inward and sew down.


Ready To See How This Turned Out?

And Guess What?



(I keep it real here on! I own my age with close-ups and no filters! )



Here's a sneak peak of the next Upcycle & Refashion!


This Vintage Zebra skirt is so cute! Problem is that it is way too long. So it needs a simple Refashion. And although I try to avoid literal interpretations in fashion, this is a rare time that I actually want to make a Zebra print blouse out of what was once my daughter's H&M dress when she was 10--now she's 16! You probably are wondering why on earth would I hold onto something that long? You will find out in the next blog post!.


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