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Refashion Boot Cut into Crop Flare Jeans...Difference Upcycle vs. Refashion

Getting My Head Straight

I've been confused for a while...not knowing the difference between:

Upcycle vs. Refashion

When I began Upcycling thrifted textiles into costumes for my local costume rental business, I used the word Upcycle. It's just what came to me first to describe what I do. I can't recall where or how I got that word.

I buy thrifted household textiles such as drapes, curtains, bed-skirts, and sheets, and clothing such as dated prom and wedding dresses, anything sparkly or shiny, 1980's vintage styles, brocade jackets, and metallic anything--to name the most common things I use.

I take those items and recreate them into historic costumes for children here in the Sacramento area. In California, some schools teach history through 'at school' reenactments such as the Pioneer/Gold Rush era, Colonial America during the Revolution, Ancient Worlds like Rome, Egypt or Greece, Medieval, and Renaissance eras. Also popular here are School Wax Museums, when children dress up as important figures during America's evolution.

A Few of My over-1000 Costumes!