OOTD (Outfit of the Day) Thrifted Round-Ups #3

Updated: Dec 8, 2020


This Blog Post will be like a run-on sentence.

Updating frequently, but never quite ending.

If you see "OOTD Round-Up" at the top, you will know I have adding something new!


Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

Not everything I wear requires massive Upcycling or somewhat easier Refashioning. Some items require simple alterations. Something usually needs to be done.

If I am super lucky, I can wear something off the thrift store rack--a rarity though. And when it works that easily, then I want to show it off.

This post is simply a round-up of those note-worthy OOTDs that are me on a regular basis, in my studio designing, sewing, and organizing my textiles.

Yes, I dress up even though I 'go to work' at home. I enjoy getting dressed up! I am not athleisure kinda girl......not throwing shade at my sisters who do though! both my daughters live in their Lululemon Yoga pants and gear.

My grandmother would wear tiny heels, even in her 80's, to walk to her local market in Poland, where my family is from. Women just did not wear tennis shoes unless they went to the forest to pick berries or mushrooms. And really then, they wore boots.

I have so many lovely clothes that cost a fraction of what they might cost retail, Some items I find are less than a dollar! I am going to wear my fun wardrobe.



Saved From The Scissors!

...and kept as is

I am into everything tights these days.

Actually, I've always been into tights--even as a girl. I don't really like pants or jeans. Put me in a skirt or dress all day long, especially in the Winter.

Recently I purchased a bunch of tights in colors I have never worn before, like Mustard, Red, and Green. I want to push myself stylistically.

In OOTD #2, I wore white/beige ones, I was inspired by Chanel's 2020 collection and there were so many white tights and vintage shoes.

Click on the image below to take you to that post!

So white is done....how about Mustard?

Immediately my mind went to a Vintage Dress 1980's dress I had in my closet that was in line for the chopping block....yes, literally....I am an Upcycler. Maybe technically I should say the dress was in line for the Gingher Scissors.

The dress is full of yellows (Canary Yellow & Mustard Yellows) & (Oranges & Reds) all on a black background which I find appropriate for Winter. Last year I had seen so many floral Winter Dresses, and that's why I purchased this thrift 1980's dress.

The dress is that Gunne Sax Edwardian-esque style--the collar is the give away. The collar is perhaps the widest collar I have ever seen on a dress, not to mention have worn.

Now, as a stand alone dress, I found the print, well, what can I say? Busy? So I found it necessary to bring the 'noise' down a notch.

When I layered the long cardigan sweater over the dress cinched with a black, leather filigree belt, and held the alligator vintage purse, I felt like I was almost finished.

Now, at this point it seemed logical to go with white tights and some lace-up boots or darling wrap-ankle flats, but I thought the look would be too sweet. I also don't want to be a one-trick-pony. I wanted to keep some edge and element of surprise.

Cue the Calvin Klein cork, nail-head ankle strap shoes and Mustard Yellow tights.

Yep, your eye goes there for sure! First it's to the Mustard Yellow tights, and then one scans upward.

Since the skirt length on the dress is long, there's more of a peek-a-boo interest. Not sure how I would carry off it off with a short skirt.

If I was trying to perform a magic trick of some sort, this would be a great distraction!

StyledMyThrift With:

  • 1980's Winter Floral Edwardian-Style Dress, Fiori Brand

  • Long Sleeve 90's Black Cardigan

  • Black Filigree Leather Belt

  • Mustard Yellow Tights (Not Thrifted!)

  • Calvin Klein, Cork Heeled, Nail-Head Heels