OOTD (Outfit of the Day) Round-Ups #2


This Blog Post will be like a run-on sentence.

Updating frequently, but never quite ending.

If you see "OOTD Round-Up" at the top, you will know I have adding something new!


Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

Not everything I wear requires massive Upcycling or somewhat easier Refashioning. Some items require simple alterations. Something usually needs to be done.

If I am super lucky, I can wear something off the thrift store rack--a rarity though. And when it works that easily, then I want to show it off.

This post is simply a round-up of those note-worthy OOTDs that are me on a regular basis, in my studio designing, sewing, and organizing my textiles.

Yes, I dress up even though I 'go to work' at home. I enjoy getting dressed up! I am not athleisure kinda girl......not throwing shade at my sisters who do though! both my daughters live in their Lululemon Yoga pants and gear.

My grandmother would wear tiny heels, even in her 80's, to walk to her local market in Poland, where my family is from. Women just did not wear tennis shoes unless they went to the forest to pick berries or mushrooms. And really then, they wore boots.

I have so many lovely clothes that cost a fraction of what they might cost retail, Some items I find are less than a dollar! I am going to wear my fun wardrobe.



Ode To Channel

I could never afford Haute Couture Chanel, but thankfully for thrifting, i can easily recreate the house's aesthetic.

Although I consider Coco Chanel very feminist, she did not dress feminine, but she empowered women to be women through feminine clothing. Very interesting dichotomy.

Channel today is very different than Chanel of the 1930's. Channel now can go uber-feminine with super duper frills and layers and tulle. Very dreamy.

Today I channeled (not chaneled--did you catch that play on words??!!), my inner Chanel with white tights and t-strap mixed textile heels (patent, suede and leather). White tights (pantyhose) and black shoes are iconic Chanel.

Chanel's Summer 2020 collection was filled with white tights, white socks and white shoes with black laces.


I have not really worn white tights much since maybe the 80's. I wore them for my wedding, and then with a blue outfit for someone's else's wedding--interesting outfit.

But I was so inspired by watching a bunch of the couture house Chanel videos, and it just seemed so elegant. DIfference here, I wore cream colored tights instead of stark white. The amazing leopard sweater was based in bone/cream color, so that's how I chose my tights.

Let's talk briefly about the amazing green sweater with those leopards. Kelly Green is fabulous and great time for the Winter holiday season. And big old leopards? Perfect amount of tacky, gauche but super cool at the same time. And the leather fluted skirt was a perfect way to add an edge to an otherwise girlie outfit. The t-straps were leathered bottom, slight front plaformed Merona brand--when did Target ever make high quality soled shoes?! They are so beautiful, and the t-strap is my nod to Vintage, and Coco.

Ok, ok, ok, this metal mesh purse is 80s...but I am an era bender. Normally I would NOT accessorize with a light colored purse for fall and winter, but somehow the metal was a nice contrast against the leather and the knit. So although black might have been better, I opted to go with an added layer of richness, and not in the money sense, because everything here is thrifted. The last added texture was a mid 2000-something-in the teens, thrifted chiffon shirt. I just need a feminine collar in terms of texture, not in shape. It's all about textures for me--having the eye have many places to go.

And my readers know, I almost always wear my hair up in some vintage do, but this time I thought I would buck my own trend and go with contemporary hair.

Era bending...yes, the 30's, the 80's, the early 2000, and a leopard swearer from the late 2000's. I love this look.

StyledMyThrift with:

  • CheBella Fluted Midi Leather Skirt

  • Leopard Green Sweater (no tags)

  • Merona Leathered Soled T-Straps, with slight front platform...mixed textile: suede & patent leather

  • Long Sleeved, Cream Button-Down Chiffon Blouse

Since my sewing work I have to sit, stand, crouch, climb, I have an alternate way to wear my Leopard Sweater in a more contemporary way--this time more towards Queen's Gambit--lol--you might not see it, but I predict short skirts coming in with a vengeance. Tights and loafered heels add to that very structured late 60's feel. Not entirely accurate, but it's all ok in mind styling mind.

I also predict I'll be playing more around with that late 60's and 90's simplicity.

Me, prepping for my next Upcycle. Yes! more animal prints!!!