OOTD #4th Round-Up Animal Prints

I am on an Animal Print Kick

It all started with the Zebra print in the summer. I found one of my daughter's dresses from back when she was 10 years old, and I upcycled her dress into a retro/vintage styled halter top for the darling thrifted green retro/vintage skirt I luckily found. The whole outfit was so fun, and I felt like I was in late 1950's Miami Beach or Palm Springs. I even made that darling flower head piece.

However, I never heard the end of my mother telling me she hates my hair this way! LOL! I don't think she understood that I was trying to encapsulate a retro feel. I don't have bangs, but I had extra long hair at that time and was able to create bangs from the ends of my hair! I just pinned the ends at my forehead, swooped them to the side, put the headband on to cover my magic, and voila! An Eva special. (I might be delusional to think it looked cute...that is a possibility!)

The whole look was inspired by the Spring Jungle Dolce & Gabbana 2020 collection. I was obsessed with all of it. I had different idea for this outfit at the beginning of the Upcycle, but as with many of my Upcycles, I edit as I go and ended up with the 1940's.

Unfortunately, I can't post images of the D&G collection due to the fear of lawsuits--ugh. Although I wonder if bottom-feeders like me really would be the efforts of their litigations. But your never know. Here's the link:


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Summer 2020

When Did I Wear Animal Prints?

The animal print trends come and go, in frenzies, but never actually go away.

I was never a huge animal print fan to begin with. Maybe because I was an amateur when it came to how to creatively style the prints. Or maybe the fear of not doing it right, because I've seen it go very wrong--really wrong, like gaudy wrong. Like cheap wrong. Like mobster wife wrong.

As I looked back on my photos in the past few years, I have only one animal print that I wore twice. It was a thrifted Old Navy snake print sweater--Oatmeal and Brown colored.

March 18th 2018 was one time I wore Snake Skin Print Sweater for my daughter's Confirmation. Went so nicely with the rust colored cropped trousers and my beige kitten heels. I know I did pretty decently styling this outfit because it was 'teenage daughters' approved--and you know how hard it is to please teen girls.

Me, Lillian (here 14 yrs. old), Isabelle (16 yrs. old), and William, my husband

December 22, 2018 was the 2nd time I wore this sweater this time with red belt, red scarf, ankle jeans, and my Nike's. We were in Disneyland, Anaheim and went to Club 33 for the first time.

My girls and I at Disneyland's exclusive Club 33.

We are not members, but were invited by friends.

Then my animal print inspiration dies for almost 3 years until the Zebra print........when I saw my blogger stylist friends wearing animal print in a collective movement that I was missing out on! And Pinterest was teaming with all kinds of prints. I was hooked.

These Style Bloggers Below Have It Right!

I thought I'd share with you the Style Bloggers that have inspired me and examples of how Animal Prints can look so right.

(I have followed these ladies for quite some time before I decided to get off my rump and start my own blog. I owe them so much thanks for their inspiration, encouragement, and the willingness to help me with the questions I have about blogging!)

Shelbee on the Edge

Red Leopard Print and Snakeskin Boots


Nancy's Fashion Style

Nancy Baten

Elegantly Dressed and Stylish

Jess Jannenga


Jacqui Berry

I want all of these looks!

Lovely Ladies right?

My Animal Print Journey Begins...

So as I approach my large closet teeming with animal prints--yes, all thrifted--I enter this trend with caution--keeping in mind that

Animal prints can be so right or look so wrong.

Either chic or too contrived.

Either costumey or old lady-ish.

When you take animal prints and go matchy-matchy--not so chic.

In my humble styling opinion, either keeping the look super simple or going all the way--it's the extremes that make Animal Prints look chic.

My Most Recent Animal Prints