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OOTD #4th Round-Up Animal Prints

I am on an Animal Print Kick

It all started with the Zebra print in the summer. I found one of my daughter's dresses from back when she was 10 years old, and I upcycled her dress into a retro/vintage styled halter top for the darling thrifted green retro/vintage skirt I luckily found. The whole outfit was so fun, and I felt like I was in late 1950's Miami Beach or Palm Springs. I even made that darling flower head piece.

However, I never heard the end of my mother telling me she hates my hair this way! LOL! I don't think she understood that I was trying to encapsulate a retro feel. I don't have bangs, but I had extra long hair at that time and was able to create bangs from the ends of my hair! I just pinned the ends at my forehead, swooped them to the side, put the headband on to cover my magic, and voila! An Eva special. (I might be delusional to think it looked cute...that is a possibility!)

The whole look was inspired by the Spring Jungle Dolce & Gabbana 2020 collection. I was obsessed with all of it. I had different idea for this outfit at the beginning of the Upcycle, but as with many of my Upcycles, I edit as I go and ended up with the 1940's.

Unfortunately, I can't post images of the D&G collection due to the fear of lawsuits--ugh. Although I wonder if bottom-feeders like me really would be the efforts of their litigations. But your never know. Here's the link:

click on image below to take you to this Upcycle