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Maxi Dress into Ruffled Hem SunDress ...a Beginner Refashion

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Am I The Only One?

About a year 4 years ago, well before I began my journey of Upcycling clothing for myself--which started last summer 2019, interrupted by long pauses with my DIY costume blogging-- I starting looking for others who were interested in the same hobby.

I googled bloggers 'well niched' into Upcycling and Refashioning. Out of about 20 I looked at, most links not current, I found a handful of good quality artists, and I did my subscribing.

Following these women over the years, I would grab my morning coffee and sit down to enjoy my inbox full of links to familiar faces and their delightful creations. With my history of thrifting for clothes--most of them ill fitting--these blogs really inspired me to do my own alterations, not even recreations just yet.

Blogging About Costumes or Clothing?

Can I Have It All?

But something even more magical happened for me, I saw how I could transform thrift store household textiles into lovely garments! And then pursued my interest in sewing historic costumes for children locally, turning my inspiration into a money making business (not a lot, just hobby-level amount).

While I sewed over 1,000 costume pieces for my business, and with lots of time to think, I started to think maybe I should be blogging about the costumes I am making...and I did just that. I enjoyed blogging. And with more time to think as I sewed until the wee hours of the morning, I thought maybe one day I will also blog about creating garments for myself.