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Cottage Core Upcycle #2 Out of the Same Vintage Curtains

National Geographic Magazine

Did you see my blog post about my Cottage Core upcycle from yellowed vintage curtains?

These curtains were sitting in my garage for at least 3 years, shifting from shelf to shelf---the fabric equivalent of the swipe left on dating apps.

Then I brought them into my work studio where they sat miserably for 2 months dumped in a corner just staring at me every time I looked down. The equivalent of the National Geographic Magazine that sits untouched for weeks on end, not moving, but not motivated enough to open it or throw it away.

Just guilt.

As with the National Geographic issue, I leaf through the articles, info-graphics and photos about stratified earth segments, feel like I fulfilled my obligation and release the guilt by placing the issue into the recycle bin.

I glanced one more time at the yellowing curtains, and thought there was just nothing that could be done. The guilt could only be alleviated by tossing into the garbage--nothing salvageable--even to donate.

Not until mopping the floors, it came to me that Yellowing and Sun Bleaching is Patina...Patina is charming? ...Isn't that what Cottage Chic is about?