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Costume Lady Sews For Herself! Upcycle #1/Current Decade!

I have always been interested in fashion. Before I sewed costumes, I used to sew clothes for myself in my teens...things I'd actually wear...mostly special occasion dresses like for winter ball or prom. Back in those days it was more affordable to sew a dress versus buying and I was an immigrant kid whose family did not have a lot of money.

My mother was wonderfully resourceful back in the 70's when DIY was still not a thing--with the exception of macrame. So I grew up seeing my mother create things from scraps like our old curtains or linens. My mother taught me how to use the sewing machine and that's all I needed to transform our family's old clothes into doll clothes.

I adore costuming. But let's face it, I can't walk out the front door and go grocery shopping in a Victorian corseted gown--even though I've been tempted. However, as much as I love costuming--going on my 4th year!--I've been itching to sew something for myself.

Since I am out and about always thrift shopping for vintage fabrics and vintage clothing to incorporate into my costume rental collections, I run across many clothing pieces that are so incredible, that I can not pass up buying---for myself.

However, there's one problem with thrift shopping for myself: things are almost never in my size. I have amassed a large collection of beautiful, fun, mostly over-sized items, that need alterations or in some cases, a major overhaul/recreate/upcycle. So in between costuming, alterations for my local area, I am finally creating for myself.