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Copy-Cat Anthropologie Tiered Dress --2020 NYE With My Young Parents

Me, 16 Years Old And Rejecting My Parents

I don't know about you, but when I turned 16, I rejected a social life with my parents.

Up until 16, I had a good run with them...I looked to them for comfort, guidance and love and fun!

Then something happened...I just wanted to fit in. And I loved them, but I was so embarrassed. I was so embarrassed I even stopped going on vacations with them...flat out protested. I mean, what could they do...drag my body into the car?

What Was It That Was So Embarrassing?

So might be wondering what was so embarrassing about my parents? It was simple, they were just too young. My mother was 20 and my father 22 years old when they had me. By the time I was 16, my mother was 36 and my father 38.

Now, please don't judge me at 16---you know that my frontal cortex was obviously not developed. And I am doing my very best not to lose my sh!t with my own 16 year old now, who really seems not to like me. But I am not a 'young' parent, so why is my own daughter mortally embarrassed by me? I'm cool, and understanding and I dress what gives/

All my other friends at that time had older parents--and I thought older meant I would be able to get away with more shenanigans. So ridiculous! I know!