Outfit of the Day

I don't Upcycle & Refashion everything I thrift, but I do thrift 98% of my wardrobe, which necessitates minor alterations at times.


And some outfits I can just throw on!


I finally started to collect my more interesting outfits on this Outfit of The Day page. Sometimes I need a reminder of what I have, how fun it was to wear, and maybe deserving of another twirl around the block.

9/30 20 Don't Text Him Back
I never miss an opportunity to teach my teenage daughters lessons about life...This thrifted t-shirt was a perfect message ; )
9/14/20 Butterflies
Sometimes the shoes are the Star of my outfit! Butterfly Max Studio Mules.
9/11/20 Anthropologie Meets Walmart
Anthropologie Meets Walmart...I don't always dress retro, especially when I go out to grocery shopping. This outfit was my 'Welcome to Spring'. Love mixing expensive brands with inexpensive ones--all thrifted!
9/1/20 Mixed Retro
1990's corporate blouse meets Retro/Vintage Vibe
8/31/20 Polynesian Print Dress
Polynesian Print-Prairie Dress Style (interesting combination!)...paired with DV Western Mules
8/29/20 Red Floral Ruffle Sleeve Dress
The alterations on this thrifted dress were so simple! I understood when I put it on why I had seen the same dress for weeks at the same thrift store--the armholes were ridiculously large for the small size dress.
5/20/20 Spring Retro
Retro Lavendar Puffy Sleeve Sweater with Crop-Flare Jeans, and 1980's White Heels. I cropped this boot-cut jeans from a thrifted pair of oversized boot-cut jeans.
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