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How long have you been Upcycling/Refashioning/Recreating Clothing from thrifted textiles?

2 years


How long have you been sewing?

3 years.

How did you get started in Upcycling/Refashioning?

I got into upcycling when I didn’t want to buy unsustainable fabric anymore, I started off with a few old clothes from my wardrobe and reworked them and from then it’s all’s I use, old curtains, bed sheets and clothes. It also makes my ideas flow when I can think of the possibilities for something which you wouldn’t have thought could be a new design.

Why do you Upcycle/Refashion/Recreate clothing from thrifted textiles?

It’s a sustainable way of making Clothes. I like the way we can make something new and loved from something old and unloved. I get a lot of curtains or old clothes from family and friends and love to show them how I have changed what they gave me.

What type of clothing do you like to create and why?

I like to create casual clothing but costumes and gowns are more interesting and fun to make because there’s so much different work that goes into them.

What is your favorite textile to Upcycle/Refashion/Recreate from? and why?

Curtains or bed sheets are always great because it’s just like a big piece of fabric which can be made into anything however using other clothing can be more inspiring because they can already have sewing manipulations on already.

What was your favorite project?

I made a silver gown out of a curtain my nan had given me. It was my favourite because I stepped out my comfort zone to do it and it made me think of more creative ideas for future projects. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEAIeiUpQIr/?igshid=mwsfix5wf04g



Faye Elaine 




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