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Anie Tries, Ottawa, Ontario--Canada

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YouTube: What's Sewing On?


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How long have you been Upcycling/Refashioning/Recreating Clothing from thrifted textiles? 

3 months

How long have you been sewing?

2 years.

How and why did you get started in Upcycling/Refashioning?

Learning to sew using different fabrics and I like the sustainability/economic options from thrifting.

Why do you Upcycle/Refashion/Recreate clothing from thrifted textiles?

Grew up with a lot of hand-me downs and always wanted to make them my own but didn’t have the means. Got a sewing machine 3 years ago and started with dog Bandanas, bow ties, and ties for pets on Etsy/Instagram.. then finally decided 3 months ago to start clothing for myself when I lost my job because of Covid.

What type of clothing do you like to create and why?

Vintage clothing- it’s my style.

What is your favorite textile to Upcycle/Refashion/Recreate from? and why?

I don’t have a favourite yet. I’ve made a romper from curtains, few dresses from bed sheets and tablecloths.. I’ve just been practicing and learning with all different thrifted material! I love it - so addicted.

What was your favorite project?

My Jane Bennet dress from Pride and prejudice and I am working on a Belle dress from beauty and the beast.

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